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We welcome your enquiries, comments and suggestions. Please contact us by e-mail

We are responsible for the systematic documentation of nature in Iceland. Members of the general public can provide us with valuable information that will assist us in our work.

This includes:

  • Sightings of stray or rarely spotted animal and bird species
  • Stranded whale or whalebone finds
  • Band numbers and other information about birds tagged in bird ringing schemes
  • Documentation of unidentified plants

Bug identification

The IINH offers bug identification and consulting services for the general public and for exterminators. Specimens are identified at the first possible opportunity and the findings mailed to the individual or organisation in question, together with information on the behaviour and harmfulness of the species identified and directions for its control. If you are in Iceland and wish to make use of our bug identification services, please contact us by e-mail

Please note that we only accept specimens in sealed containers that have been isolated from any additional matter such as packaging, food, or clothing items. Precise identification generally requires an intact specimen, rather than a photograph.

Mould and fungi

The IINH offers mould and fungi identification services for organisations and the general public.

The Institute gladly accepts information on the fungi of Iceland by e-mail We recommend that you contact us at +354-590-0500 before sending a specimen so that we can determine whether further identification is needed. Mould and fungi identification takes place at the IINH’s Akureyri Division, Borgum við Norðurslóð, 600 Akureyri. A fee is charged for this service.


Experts at the IINH identify plant species on request. A photograph and/or dried specimen of the plant in question should accompany enquiries whenever possible, along with information as to the location, habitat, date, and any other relevant details.

For plant identification, please contact us by e-mail