Red List for Mammals

The IINH Red List for Mammals from 2018 is the most recent inventory of threatened mammalian species in Iceland. Assessment is based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

Classification of mammals on the 2018 Red List uses the risk categories defined by the IUCN, the guidelines for using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria (Version 13), and the guidelines for application of IUCN Red List criteria at regional and national levels (Version 4.0).

Species within each risk category are listed in alphabetical order. Their scientific names are as prescribed by the IUCN.

The fauna of Iceland includes 52 species of terrestrial and marine mammals. Of these species, 20 were assessed for the IINH Red List. The remainder fell into the category of Not Applicable (NA). Reasons for not assessing species were the following:

  1. The species is not wild. The species is an exotic introduction and not considered part of the indigenous Icelandic fauna.
  2. The species is not resident, whether regular visits have been documented or only a few instances.
  3. The species is at the edge of its natural geographic range in the region under assessment and/or only a tiny number of individuals are at issue.

Due to the large number of marine species, the IINH Red List for Mammals was developed in collaboration with experts from the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Gísli A. Víkingsson and Sandra M. Granquist.

As of 2018, two species of mammal is classified as regionally extinct (RE), one is critically endangered (CR), one is endangered (EN), and two are vulnerable (VU). An additional two species could potentially end up on the Red List but currently fall into the category of Data Deficient (DD). Three species (NA) are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Twelve Icelandic species fall into the category of Least Concern (LC) according to the IUCN criteria.

NB. This is an English version of the Red List. In the case of discrepancy, the original Icelandic version, Válisti spendýra, is the authoritative text.

Species Regionally Extinct (RE)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Rostungur Odobenus rosmarus RE   NA VU
Sandlægja Eschrichtius robustus RE   RE LC

Species Critically Endangered (CR)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Sléttbakur Eubalaena glacialis CR C1, C2a(i) CR EN

Species Endangered (EN)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Landselur Phoca vitulina EN A4b LC LC

Species Vulnerable (VU)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Steypireyður Balaenoptera musculus VU D1 EN EN
Útselur Halichoerus grypus VU A4b LC LC

Data Deficient (DD)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Andarnefja Hyperoodon ampullatus DD   DD DD
Búrhvalur Physeter macrocephalus DD   VU VU

Species evalutated Least Concern (LC)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Hagamús Apodemus sylvaticus LC   LC LC
Háhyrningur Orcinus orca LC   DD DD
Hnísa Phocoena phocoena LC   VU LC
Hnúfubakur Megaptera novaeangliae LC   LC LC
Hnýðingur Lagenorhynchus albirostris LC   LC LC
Hrefna Balaenoptera acutorostrata LC   LC LC
Húsamús Mus musculus LC   LC LC
Langreyður Balaenoptera physalus LC   NT VU
Leiftur Lagenorhynchus acutus LC   LC LC
Marsvín Globicephala melas LC   DD LC
Melrakki Vulpes lagopus LC   CR LC
Sandreyður Balaenoptera borealis LC   EN EN

Species Redlisted globally but are either vagrant or imported to Iceland (NA)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Blöðruselur Cystophora cristata NA   NA VU
Hreindýr Rangifer tarandus NA   LC VU
Hvítabjörn Ursus maritimus NA   VU VU

Species evaluation Not Applicable (NA)

Name Scientific name Category Criteria Europe Global
Brúnrotta Rattus norvegicus NA   NA LC
Hringanóri Pusa hispida NA   LC LC
Hrímblaka Lasiurus cinereus NA     LC
Kampselur Erignathus barbatus NA   NA LC
Kanína Oryctolagus cuniculus NA   NT NT
Króksnjáldri Mesoplodon densirostris NA   DD DD
Köttur Felis silvestris catus NA   NA NA
Léttir Delphinus delphis NA   NA LC
Litla næturblaka Nyctalus leisleri NA   LC LC
Ljósfæla Myotis lucifugus NA     LC
Minkur Neovison vison NA   NA LC
Mjaldur Delphinapterus leucas NA   NA LC
Náhvalur Monodon monoceros NA   NA LC
Norðhvalur Balaena mysticetus NA   NA LC
Norðsnjáldri Mesoplodon bidens NA   DD DD
Norðurblaka Myotis septentrionalis NA     LC
Næturblaka Nyctalus noctula NA   LC LC
Rauðrefur Vulpes vulpes NA   LC LC
Rákahöfrungur Stenella coeruleoalba NA   DD LC
Sauðnaut Ovibos moschatus NA   LC LC
Skuggablaka Vespertilio murinus NA   LC LC
Skugganefja Ziphius cavirostris NA   DD LC
Snæhéri Lepus arcticus NA     LC
Stórablaka Eptesicus fuscus NA     LC
Stökkull Tursiops truncatus NA   DD LC
Svartrotta Rattus rattus NA   LC LC
Trítilblaka Pipistrellus nathusii NA   LC LC
Vöðuselur Pagophilus groenlandicus NA   NA LC
Þvottabjörn Procyon lotor NA   NA LC